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My new lbp level is out

For everyone who plays little big planet I just published a new level called Graffiti City. It's pretty much a platformer where you explore across the city scape and graffiti up billboards for points. It's about my tenth level or so and I t...


Make a portal companion cube for under $10

This Halloween I'm going as an aperture scientist and I needed a companion cube for my costume. Unfortunately valve sold out of their plush cubes long long ago and I needed a cheaper alternative and fast. So I decided to make my own compani...


Spore AT-AT

I got bored so I downloaded the Spore creature creator trial version to play with. I made a little AT-AT creature. Anyone else make anything cool?


Chill Penguin

I've been trying to cut down on WoW since I've been slowly becoming incapable of entertaining myself without logging on. Since I now have several more free hours a day, I decided to pick up music again, which I stopped pretty much when I st...


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Some game series I like:
Little big planet
Phoenix Wright
Smash Bros.
Sonic 1-3
Touch Detective
Panzer Dragoon
Bubble Bobble
Final Fantasy 1-7
Professor Layton
Diablo 2
Wario ware

I went to: Blipfest 07' and the Megaman anniversary Keji Inafune signing in NYC this past summer.
Both were awesome.

Other things I like:
MST3K and B movies
Videogame swag
Warhammer 40k

For a living I do: Archeology and movie theater projection