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From Dota to DOS, Evolution and Variation of Dota Games

Since the release of Defense of the Ancients (also Dota), it has inspired lots of fans. Among these Dota fans, there are some game makers who put inspirations from Dota into games they make. Gradually, there appeared lots of so called Dota games. Among these games, some inherit the classic gameplay of Dota while some retain the core spirit or just partial features of Dota. Letís see some representative titles that show the evolution and variation of Dota Games.

The Most Original Dota Game Ė Dota 2
Known as the official follow-up to the Warcraft III custom map Defense of the Ancient, Dota 2 borrowed many elements from Dota and was based on its engine. The major change lies in graphics. Dota 2ís graphics is more dynamic and appealing to the eye. Dota 2 also enjoys more reasonable operations and an easier learning curve. Itís absolutely the best choice besides Dota itself for players who wants the most original gaming experience of Dota games.

The Most Popular Dota Game - LOL
Speaking of games inspired by Dota, League of Legends is a title that canít be skipped. As a game always compared with Dota, LOLís gameplay is very similar, except a few changes. Whatís the biggest difference between Dota and LoL? Easier, perhaps thatís the answer most players would give. LoL is easier to learn, more accessible, and more suitable for new players. This is also one of the reasons for the popularity of LOL.

The Most Accessible Dota Game - Heroes of Order and Chaos
With the popularity of smartphones, more and more console and PC games are moving to mobile platform. This trend is also seen in Dota games as Heroes of Order and Chaos is released on the android. This game doesnít stray too far from classic Dota game in terms of layout and gameplay.
Its popularity is mainly for making Dota games accessible to smartphone gamers.

The Most Casual Dota Game - Duty of Sentinel
Duty of Sentinel (also DOS) is an unconventional†Dota†game that focuses on creating more casual gaming experience by adding RPG elements and adopting turn-based battle. It keeps the arena style hero vs hero battle in Dota as well as the feature of tons of heroes with unique skills, allowing players to shift between conventional Dota gaming experience and fast-paced casual gaming experience.

[font=Times New Roman]From above, we can see that Dota games are evolving and changing, also showing the trend in the whole game industry Ė games are getting easier, more accessible and more casual.[/font]
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