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Brawl Online - 1 for 2

So, the night of the 9th, I set up my Brawl WiFi options...took a couple tries to get connected (kept getting the 51031 or whatever error).

Called my friend up, he had his all set up and ready to go. After exchanging friend codes, we started up a match.

Surprisingly, it was lag-free. Granted, he lives practically right down the road, so I wasn't expecting any lag due to distance...moreso from the large amount of US residents slamming the servers after waiting years for the game.

We played two matches and then called it quits. Had some fun...won 1, lost 1.

Last night, before Lost, we decided to give it another go.

In between all of this, I have read stories about people always experiencing a lag, but assumed it was just something on their end...distance with the other player, bad connection, slow connection, bad router...

But dammit...we hit the lag.

I thought I was the only one experiencing it, as he seemed to be kicking my ass with ease. But then I gave him a call and told him I just couldn't take the lag and we'd have to try again another time...which was when he said he was getting the lag too.

Oh well. Guess you can't win 'em all. Just hope this doesn't keep up. It wasn't horrible...every 5-10 seconds it would stop for like half a second, but it was still annoying.

Just a note: in Spectator mode, I've seen no lag, and I've watched a good amount of matches. So here's hoping that lagging games isn't the norm, and that the Internets are blowing it out of proportion.

Then again...I'm still wondering if Spectator mode is actually a bunch of random, pre-recorded matches that Nintendo loads up for you and not actual people fighting...
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