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Andrew's Game Display

As a Video Gamer there is always something to learn within the industry, and so much we can share with each other, A good friend of mine collected Games, consoles, and accessories for years Since grade 6, now all of those years have fully p...


Ode to Minecraft

So January is giving us a hard time here in Canada with unmerciful winds, But Atleast I have A creeper in the front of my house. Good thing my house was built before it got here.


Duke Nukem forever Preorder

Well here we are 13 years have passed, and now we can all finally enjoy Duke Nukem at his finest. (well at least the remaining fans) after hearing the news that Gearbox was taking over the project and it is finally coming out next year I ...


Just cause 2 review.

Once again these pre-orders are pissing me off, I always have to walk to the local EB games and it's either super cold or rainy, That's Canada. Anyways I seem to have been playing Just cause 2 for the last couple of hours and seriously It ...


Half-Life gets a Flashback Tribute

A great Machinima that seems to make me want to play the half life series all over again. The whole machinima stands on half-life 2 episode 2 when Eli breaks the news about the Gman of course This is not completed withought a good case of....


R.O.B fully functional Demonstration.

A good friend of mine has had a R.O.B for a while, So we Decided to give the old boy a little run to see If he can still dance like he did back in 1987, we had a blast with this accessory even after 20 years, this toy amuses me, even though...


The victory of the Gordon Freeman.

as many of you know gamespot was running a contest of the All time greatest video game hero, of course there were some very stiff competitions, but of course there was only one man I could vote for, The Freeman, of course since the repeated...


I got Wolfenstein 3

since I live in Canada there is a little store called Zellers that had it early I didn't know about it until my friend called me and told me of this news, I rushed to the store not knowing how much money I had so of course that caused some ...


Super Mario Omega Trailer

A long time Ago I had an "Interview" with specialist Higsby I did a little blog about it also not too long ago, just take a look at it if interested, he was working on a new super mario hack so called the super mario omega, through the yea...



the brand new game 3d realms and 2k just announced, 2k agreed to finish the funding so we will get duke nukem forever, and DUKE NUKEM ORIGINS, the story of how the king became to be what he is now... ok so maybe I'm a bad liar so what? at...



is this it 3d realms? is this the last im gonna be seeing of you? are you just gonna say goodbye? just like that and leave? you were my childhood, my life, you were all I knew about video games, I grew up with the KING! and now out of nowhe...


About zavageone of us since 10:01 PM on 06.09.2008

the cake is a lie.

hey guys, It's so nice of you to drop by. :D

I own an PS3, WII, PSP, DS, XBOX, XBOX 360, and a PC (no shit.) the 360, PS3, and pc games I got:

Fallout 3
Unreal tournaments 3
grand theft auto 4
left 4 dead
farcry 2
mirror's edge
dead space
orange box
quake wars
alone in the dark
resident evil 5
fable 2
the darkness
mass effect
halo 3
saint's row 2
street fighter 4
forza motorsport 2
ultimate alliance
dark sector
iron man
lost planet
burnout paradise
devil may cry 4
deathmatch classic
half life
opposing force
blue shift
half life 2
half life 2 episode 1
half life 2 episode 2
counter strike
counter strike source
day of defeat
day of defeat source
team fortress classic
team fortress 2
grand theft auto san andreas
garry's mod (that count's as a game I don't care)
metal gear solid
metal gear solid 2
metal gear solid portable ops
Metal gear solid 4
god of war chain of Olympus
killzone liberation
Call of duty Modern warfare 2
Just cause 2
Deus ex
Deus ex:IW
Bionic commando
Bionic commando: Rearmed.

favorite game of all time: the half life series

favorite 360 game: fallout 3

favorite pc game: duke nukem series... and the half life series

Favorite ps3 game: Metal gear solid 4

Favorite Wii game: Super smash bros. brawl.

Valve has been in my mind ever since back in 1997 when my uncle brought a pirated copy of half life 1 (yes I know, it's a crime.)
I played it and it was like love at first site, when half life 2 was announced in 2004 my fanboy meter exploded couldn't wait but unfortunately back in 2004 my computer was a piece of crap, and I didn't have a xbox at the time either, so I was screwed, but of course I got my xbox along with the game, I gotta admit the second one I liked alot more, later on I got a new pc and added a new graphics card and NOW I own every single game valve has ever developed in steam. do I still play them all? not really after all I would choose team fortress 2 more than classic any day. half life in my personal opinion has the greatest story line of video gaming, the second greatest is fallout, Of course this is my personal opinion you don't have to get medieval on me.

one more thing, ALAN MOORE IS GOD! well the graphic novel god.

I used to record music in a recording studio a few years ago:
here is one of the songs

well my friends thanks for visiting hope to talk to you in the future.

P.S: I'm still waiting for Episode 3.