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Fortnite: Battle Royale's new 50 vs 50 mode has something for everyone



I got internet at home again yesterday, and wanted to test out the new 50 versus 50 mode, and I was super impressed. The new mode has a little something for every kind of gamer.

Unless you are one of those super skilled players that can get 5 or more kills per match and survive until the end, then regular Fortnite matches can be difficult.

If you’re playing solo matches, it’s literally you versus the world, and depending on where you land, can make or break your experience.

You can drop into a highly concentrated area and be with little weapons and 30 other gamers. You can also find that one spot on the map that’s mathematically perfect and still have a few other players drop there with you.

Rarely will you have that perfect landing, where you can just get some loot and then start the hunt. 90 percent of the time you’re running and hiding or you’re in the middle of a massive shootout with 20 others.

You get more freedom in duos and squads because now you have support and for the most part, fewer people to worry about.

The new 50 versus 50 mode changes this and makes the game fun for everyone. Because your team of 50 players gets an entire sire of the map, there’s no threat of dying right out of the gate.

The casual gamer can land where they want, whether alone or with a group and collect weapons and material, before making their way towards the circle at their own pace with the rest of the team.

Those who are more trigger happy also have a lot to be happy about because once everyone’s in the circle, it’s a massive brawl, usually starting with 20 or more players on each side, where you can attack an enemy in every direction and build/destroy like crazy.

Every type of gamer gets what they want with the new mode, and if you’re a big time Fortnite: Battle Royale gamer, then a couple dozen rounds of the new mode should be on your bucket list.

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