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The Not So Much of a God of War

(this is a piece i wrote a few months ago. I posted it on a blog that I considered starting but never kept up with.) God of War III was just released and I finished it in two days. The game was highly enjoyable and I applaud Santa Monic...


Howdie do, This is z0mbie5 The faaather...

Hello, I've been a frontpage reader for about 4 years now. Last year I joined the forums, between computer trouble as well as graduating and looking for a job I haven't been involved in a while. I finally started posting again recently gett...


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I live in upstate New York currently. Over the summer I was living in queens interning at Troma Entertainment doing some video editing. I enjoy most types of games. point and click adventures are some of my favorites. for the most part I enjoy single player gaming but I enjoy couch multiplayer.
I think of myself as a subpar gamer. I love games and the work that has gone into them but I by no means consider myself good at gaming. playing on anything higher than the normal difficulty setting usually just isn't fun to me. In my opinion i would rather enjoy the environments and design that went into the creation of these games as opposed to getting frustrated and just wanting to get further.