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Name the Retro-Show!

Alright, so some how I start to think about shows that I used to watch back in the 90's, I remember a few of them, Sliders, SeaQuest... but now I've got one stuck in my head that I can't find the damn name too! This is what I remember of it...


Biggest Mistake of My life!

So I'm sitting at my house bored out of my mind because I don't have my 360 or wii with me. i made the dumbass mistake of sending them to college early. I figured, "Heh, I don't need it untill school starts, that's when all the good games a...


About yourfriendawkone of us since 9:15 AM on 08.19.2007

Got my start at the rip old age of nine with my first game and console, Mario 64 on the N64! Since then I've dabbled in just about every console that has been made, a nes and supernes (to discover what i had missed out on) have had a ps2 (and returned it), a dreamcast (that burnt rings in my games), an xbox since launch (that got upgraded to a 360), and a wii (which i had to sit through the cold hours of the night in a frigid Iowa to purchase on launch morning). Gameboys all the way up to my pearly white DS, and no i don't play pokemon. I made the investment and bought a PS3 this summer. Ask me about it and most likely i've played it, except for sports games. I suck at madden and get pissed off when balls fly through hands.

I'm into almost every type of game except sports games. But I choose to do my research and buy games that are only worth my time. That or a I wait until they are in the bargain bin. I love to marathon my new games and switch up what i'm playing everyonce in a while.

Top games(not in order):
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time
Shadow of Colossus
Elder Scrolls: Morrowind