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Dollar Store Mega Man Score

My Sunday ritual began as usual. I got into the car and headed to the Dollar Store down the street to pick up a few pregnancy tests and some meat tenderizer. I grabbed my items and as I was walking towards the register I noticed some 3" Meg...


Naked Bank Alt Fun.

It never fails. Sure, maybe I'm to blame for some of it. After all I'm the one who rolled a female character for my bank alt. I'm also the one who took off all her clothes and has her run around naked. In fact, I also seemingly encourage pe...


My Wife and I In WoW

The other night my wife and I had to run part of Deadmines by ourselves so she could get a quest item as a Paladin. I made this little video of it mostly for our enjoyment, but figured I would post it here so everyone will know I'm still al...


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I'm an amatuer sociologist. What that means is that I study groups of people, learn their ways, their customs, and their traditions. I then use this information to make fun of them.


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