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Why Do I Love Recon In Bad Company 2?

--- It's been over a year since my last blog. Wish my return was something... better, but hell, this is what I have to say right now. ---

Everyone hates Recon or “snipers” in every game. I felt the same way when I first started playing Bad Company 2, then I tried it. The reasons why people don’t like it are discussed at length and on a whole I tend to agree. Yet for some reason I just can’t help but select Recon when I start the match. I decided to talk a little bit about what makes Recon/sniper so much fun for me.

I enjoy moving through cover so I can get line of sight on a tank that’s locking down an area and feeling the suspense as I see my mortar strike lock in and watch as death rains from above. +30, +50, +50, +100. The post-destruction bliss, seeing those blue triangles advance through the map towards our objective, is for me, like a cigarette after sex.

Hearing one of my squad members complain about a sniper, positioning myself to get a view, spotting and removing the threat so my team can take position. The whole time knowing that most likely for the rest of the match that “sniper” is going to be looking for me and not taking out my run and gun partners.
The satisfaction of seeing a high value target running across the map towards an objective or having an RPG in hand as he moves on one of my vehicles. Overcoming the hesitation and self-doubt as gauge the distance, putting the cross hairs ¾ of an inch above his head and a half inch in front of path of movement, and finally pulling the trigger and watching that pink mist, knowing he’s just yelled “WTF! Come on!”

The annoyance of realizing when I don’t have a shot on an enemy followed by the smile that goes across my face as I get a spot kill bonus because someone who does finished the job I couldn’t.

Running to the objectives, tossing down motion sensors and waiting with pistol in hand. Confident enough in my team mates abilities to know that even if I am killed, the red triangles will pop up and the objective will be defended.

That tense moment when I realize that the man in your crosshair also has you in his. The gamble of pulling the trigger and hoping you’re faster and more accurate or the safety of ducking and running for cover and a new position.

I’ve been playing first person shooters for years. I’ve been AWP’d back when Counter-Strike was still someone’s little project. I’ve seen the 2Fort matches in Team Fortress 2 turn into pointless sniping matches. I’ve been on teams with people in Halo who want to get long range head shots more than they want to win the round. The difference for me is that in Bad Company 2 I know that if I play well and use my class to the fullest I am not just playing my own meta-game of “shoot the other snipers”. I’m helping complete objectives, tearing down defenses, advancing an offense, and having a ton of fun while I do it.

Not to mention that I’m smart enough to switch classes if the current situation calls for it. Don’t be a one trick pony. Play for your team.
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