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Don't cry little buddy (More WoW crap)

I've grown tired of my Black Stallion mount and decided I wanted to get reputation with other factions in order to get their mounts. I had the highest honor with Ironforge so I went to the starting areas and did all the quests there. While I was out I killed a bear and as it died a level 9 character named Brusef ran up and began a discussion.

"What the hell" He said.

I replied with simply a "?"

His response was not so polite:

"What the fuck? I'm trying to do a fucking quest and dickheads like you are making it impossible."

Then he ran off. I'm not sure why I did it but I reported him. Maybe I was just tired of people being douche bags in the game or maybe it was the fact that if he had just asked to group with me I could have taken him through every quest until level 20 in about an hour.

About ten minutes later I get a private message from apparently one of Brusef's other characters.

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