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To Foom and Co...moving begins :S

Hi all the Dtoid peeps, I haven't been around much lately due to packing up the flat and boxing up all my gaming gear, with real life crap like cancelling bills and moving getting in the way of stream watching. I am almost done and should...


GAME really shat the bed on this one...

After no notification from about them cancelling my mass effect 3 collectors edition due to their issues with EA, I had to scramble just to find a standard edition elsewhere for launch day. For anyone who isn't familiar with the...


Depressed about moving out in June

Hi all, The title pretty much sums it up of June I will have to move out of my flat where I have an awesome gaming setup and have lived comfortably for two years due to work and a few other things. That means likely having to ...


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I'm a 35 year old modern/retro gamer living in the UK. My collection of consoles is growing these days, and I enjoy a wide range of games with the exception of fighters (pretty much MK is the only one I don't get my ass handed to me in). RPG, strategy, old school adventure, and platformers are probably my top genre of choice. When I'm not gaming myself I enjoy watching a number of casters on the dtoid, GameOn and Twitch/JTV communities. Feel free to add me or drop me a line if you know me from the streams or from around the way, Have a good one!

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