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How to get a story out of 2 pixels and a ball of light.

Yesterday, I decided to reveal to the world my grand idea for a video game, Pixel
that I personally think would be quite awesome. I got mostly positive feedback which was very surprising, and I only wish I had the ability to make the game into a reality. I mentioned though, that this game would have a real story, it's not just an action game or an artsy thing, but it does combine elements of almost every game people mentioned in the previous post.

Some questioned, though, how could you get story, or emotion out of just a pixel. My answer would be: Great writing and great voice acting. Yeah, a white pixel on a black screen and voice acting, but I know it could work.

I've been trying to play with learning Flash so I could put everything I'm about to show you into action and make it much more enjoyable, but maybe it's better when left up to the imagination? Here would be a very rough script of the first few minutes of the game Pixel: (Oh, and I wasn't claiming to be a great writer, I just whipped this up in about 15 minutes. And to give an idea of what I want the voices to sound like Pixel=A Younger Solid Snake Light=A very camp evil voice Grey=A weak old man)

Black Screen - White Pixelated Letters come on the screen spelling "P i x e l" (What else?)
After a few seconds the white letters dissolve leaving only the very center pixel from the letter x in the center of the screen, after a few seconds more the pixel shakes a bit and speaks:

Pixel: Wuh? What happened? What the hell's happened to me?

There is a flash of light to the right of screen

Pixel: Is that a light over there, am I freaking dead?

Pixel tries to move around, but only slides from side to side.

Pixel: I can only move left and right and I don't even have any legs?

Pixel starts to move towards the right side and a glowing light appears on screen.

Light: Muwhahaha, Foolish human, well, your not much of a human anymore, but still, you just never learn, or did you go and lose your memory again?

Pixel: Memory? Who are you and where the hell are my legs?

Light: Oh your missing much more than your legs. If you could only see how little you have left, it's so perfect, so beautiful! If only you would quit losing that mind of yours.

Pixel: I don't care what I have left or what I remember, your going down jack ass.

Light: Now, now. Well, you've obviously forgotten, but the last time you attempted to attack me has resulted in you forgetting how bad of an idea it is to try it again.

Pixel: Right, so, I'll just sit here, and you won't get your ass kicked?

Pixel starts to move towards the light and it flashes even brighter and knocks the pixel back across the screen.

Light: I did try to warn you, but you obviously feel the need to let out some of that aggression, so I've brought another of my specimens here for you to play with.

A grey pixel enters the screen.

Grey: Please, master, I'm too old, let me die...

Light: Oh, I plan on it, but if you don't fight back, your daughter will die as well!

Grey: NO! Please forgive me young man.

Pixel: What is this?? He's just a grey dot!

Light: If you only had a mirror... and you will be very surprised what this grey dot can do, Attack!

Grey shoots an orange pixel of fire at Pixel, who barely moves out of the way.

Pixel to himself: Looks like I can move around again, I ain't going down like this, time to woop some old grey dot.

(Click on the thumbnail below to see the full detail...)

Pixel and Grey fight, and Pixel stops right before the final blow.

Grey: Please boy, I have nothing left. Please kill me.

Pixel: What? Never!

Grey whispering: Then come closer, let me give you my power!

Pixel moves right next to Grey.

Grey: It worked! We are now one, my abilities are yours to control!

Light shakes.

Light: HEY! What are you doing!? The boss didn't mention you could do that! I'll be back soon, don't get any ideas...

Pixel to Grey: This is so messed up, come on old man we're not sticking around.

Grey: But there's no where to go, there's no walls, nothing but blackness. If you go in any direction you just end up where you began.

Pixel: There's gotta be a way, and we're about to find it.

To be Continued..

Or probably not.
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