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Techtoid: I'm NOT upgrading my PC!

After a retarded impulse I got to suddenly upgrade my PC a few days ago(I frequently get those retarded impulses, not just PC related), I've decided to hold that thought for a couple months. Reason: I don't want to upgrade my entire core ...


Techtoid: I'm upgrading my PC!

I've made my decision to upgrade my now two year old PC that I feel is starting to lagg behind... well it started last year but now I just gotta have some smooth gameplay on my fav of platforms. Now, you will probably question some things ...


The Blu-Ray reign and death of the Xbox 360

Like Gerstmann-gate, this is a time to blog and we bloggers love it, as we get to be pretentious again and satisfy our egos by writing about the same thing over and over again. I am no different, and this issue is no different. This is the ...


the now clearly (in)visible hand of gaming "journalism"

as sad as these times are, its a joy for every journalist or blogger out there. because now we get some shit to write about and brag about being "connoisseurs" of the written word and presenting "controversial" after "controversial" accusat...


IGN is digging its grave deeper

ok, so i've defended IGN lately and their approach of reviews and "journalistic" language, but this is just plain silly. you have to listen to the shit that is spewed out at the PA guys and Gabe's take on the whole Assassins Creed debacle....


why assassins creed is the way it is

this blog post started a rattle in my brain about some, as i see it, misconceptions in the gaming language we see every day in reviews and what not from journalists and not-so-much-journalist on the webs. i want to elaborate on that comment...


i'm a gaming guinea pig + jericho review

Two students in my school, who are in their last year on the same programme as me, are doing a research on usability in videogames. This is a field I'm very interested in and I wanted to take part in it, if not to get insightful information...


reviews are broken, can we fix it?

Lately I've been concerned with the fact the A LOT of games get A LOT of "points"(score) in their reviews. Almost every major release the past few months has been up in the 8-10 area. This got me thinking, first: we need to higher the revie...


one-console future = many-consoles future

i'm not sure about this one-console future we've been hearing about lately. first with denis dyack, then the ea guy, then the katamari guy, and then denis and some guy again(pardon me for the arrogant tone i use regarding the guys, but i've...



its old news, but me and friend finally got around to do it. although it was buggy, like HELL, it was quite awesome pwning combines with a little portal action. it is so nice to see the community come up with these mods, thats how valve wo...


why do people play orange box on the 360?

i don't know if this should be an entire blog post, but i guess i'm kinda fascinated by the success of the orange box on the 360. sooo many people are playing it, even people who played hl:2 on the pc back in the day (i.e. 2004, not actaull...


Welcome! Thanks! You suck! What? Start a blog! Ok...

Yeah So, Hi. I'm new here. The site keeps telling me I suck, and that I don't have a blog. So, guess I'll start writing a goddamn blog then. Never thought I would see this moment, but here I am and I should just get this over with. Occurr...


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