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The difficult first blog....

So what can I do for it?

A few months ago, I decided (out of immense boredom) to try my hand at some kind of web comic. This basically consisted of an afternoons work and half ripping off penny arcade, then posting images on a blog.

Needless to say within 5 mins of posting the images I got embarrassed at the amount of fail on display and thus abandoned the idea. The pictures have stayed in my photo bucket, hidden form view due to fear of a 'wall-o-fail' creeping up.

Anyway, fuck that, heres the images, if you feel compelled to leave your thoughts on it go ahead.

The characters are based on the mii's of myself and one of my friends.

You'll be glad to know this was my first, and most probable, last attempt at this, i did have other ideas but i just never followed through with them.

Please note that these were done during the summer of '07 when, imo it seemed like ages until the wii had a game i wanted to play and Jack Thompson was as preachy as ever.


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Hey i'm xomb13,

I've mostly been lurking but really want to start contributing more and have been here before click for intro

You can find me on:

Twitter: Xomb13
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i like games, music, comics and whatever else
I currently own:

Xbox 360

And recently got a game gear off e-bay.... yeah i'm kinda wondering why too

Some of my favourite games include:

Resident Evil (Series)
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Currently I'm playing:

Left 4 Dead (xbox 360)
Chrono Trigger (ds first time playing :S excellent game tho)

I also have a game stack to play through including:

Eternal Sonata
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Persona 3
God of War (1,2 & Chains)
Kingdom Hearts
Shadow of the Colossus

And loads more

Suggestions to what I should queue up are welcomed!

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