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worst ever...

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Recently -a few months ago- a dear friend of mine visited my apartment; as he so often does, for an overnight playthrough of one game or another, this time Bioshock, I believe. As usual spending an inordinate amount of time online, his equi...


About wwjd4bbqueone of us since 10:19 AM on 04.28.2008

i live in las vegas.
she is my favorite person on earth.
i've been known to define certain periods in my life by the games i was playing. i.e. "my pokemon days" etc.
psn: laterd

&most importantly: i'd like to tell you all, with a prideful tear in my eye, that my cat's name is kojima.

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.ps3. pixeljunk eden
.nds. final fantasy iv
.nds. justice for all
.snes. earthbound

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.360. the halos

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