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09.09.08 birthday wishes... and a proposal

I know this has already been touched upon by Sirs Cantler and Dork (possibly more by the time I'm done posting this), but I am posting for something a bit different. I've not been too active around here lately but today's a special day,...


VGR: six reasons my girlfriend is the best ever

Last week my girlfriend came home from a visit to her father's place (coincidentally her dad is also a gamer and is currently playing MGS3 for the first time). I was happy to have her back home as I always am, but this time she came with re...


now mourning: the death of my save file data.

Perhaps due to hasty decisions and failure to read my ps3's manual; I -whilst trying to set up my dusty old PSN account and pull off some rather vain customizations to the XMB- have inadvertently deleted my MGS4 save data (i.e. all of my ps...



Recently -a few months ago- a dear friend of mine visited my apartment; as he so often does, for an overnight playthrough of one game or another, this time Bioshock, I believe. As usual spending an inordinate amount of time online, his equi...


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