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XBOX 360 OMEN???

Alright, here we are. A little less than 24 hours away from the release of Rock Band (depending on where you live) and my 360 decides to show some signs of illness. As I am removing one DVD to put in another, the system goes one red light (hardware failure), but then immediately goes back to working after I restart it. Now I fear that the next time I fire it up...KA-BLOOEY! I suppose I could towel trick it if worst comes to worst, but I know that won't help forever.

I can also simply take it back to Best Buy and get another one no questions asked with my warranty, but I just know, with my luck, that the system will work fine until the Rock Band party gets underway. Damn you XBOX 360! I love you so much, yet you constantly keep me living in fear.

I suppose this is simply more of a rant than a real blog posting, but I can't help but worry that a damper will befall my festivities...

ALSO COCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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