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10 things you might not know about Wilbo

1. I wear hats constantly, i take hats off to bathe or sleep only! Im wearing a hat right now, and all those billion games of l4d i was wearing a hat

2. As soon as it was 2009 i threw a wet tampon onto a wall to see how long it would stay there (bout 3 weeks)

5.I own an Ocarina, granted i cant play it but i still have one!

6. I have a Digimon blanket cover, and its awesome so dont judge me.

7. I dance when i cook, only when none else is in the house.

8. I think its fun to burn things, Ironic that im now the FIREGOD

9. I have a vast Collection of Yu-gi-oh cards and i dont care what you think

10. i had my hand on my crotch during all this typing
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About wilboone of us since 6:56 AM on 12.18.2006

I like hats

Video games too

Favorite Games EVAR
Super mario world
Silent Hill
Dead Rising
Dragon Quest Swords
Legend of zelda: Ocarina of time
Metal Gear Solid
Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake eater
Point Blank
Ratchet & Clank 3
Kirby super star Ultra
Megaman 2,9,10 and X1
Gitaroo man
Chrono Trigger
Gunstar Heroes
Madworld (mainly the commentary)
New Super Mario Bros WII
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Trauma Team
Monster Hunter Tri

Currently Playing
Monster Hunter all day

also hats are awesome!
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