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Monster Hunter TRI FNF

That's right boy's and girls We want you people with Monster Hunter tri to JOIN THE HUNT now before i get started with this to make sure you all know, if you have the US copy you can only play with people in the US same with the EU people...


Pokewalking with Wilbo

The future is here people, get it while its hot! also, I am a legend Thanks to my friend Raymond who made the video.


Lemonade Issue SORTED! Vote Wilbo for Mayor

As seen in my previous post it was overall better to buy Lemonade rather than Super Potions but It was Faster to buy Super Potions. BUT BEHOLD! There is a store in MT Moon for those of you who can get to the Kanto Region and he sells Lemona...


Vote Wilbo Mayor of Pokemon

The problem being Lemonade is slower to buy but look at the proof and vote for Wilbo I shall fix this Pokeconomy and save us all! as PokeMayor!


Modnation Racers Beta - Making stuff is awesome!

So I made my car and my racer played some races and it is an EPIC amount of fun. Now taking a break from racing I decided to see what I could make with what was at hand, and here is what I came up with. Now before I started I had to at lea...


Splosion Man - Everybody loves Doughnuts

Easily my favorite moment so far in splosion man is just to hug a fat scientist and listen to the lovely song that takes place god bless him he loves doughnuts! heres the full song for download http://www.zshare.net/download/63013121bf7...


Wilbo's Mightiest Adventure EVER!

I faced my ultimate challenge of all time(so far), I put my life on the line! <3 The Young Scot for the amazing editing and i know the video quality isn't great so fuck you


Best XBLA update ever!!!!!

today is a great day for live arcade games i turned on my 360 to find these gems for sale and i went straight down town to buy some goddamned microsoft points! 1st part of the sega vintage collection im not too big a fan of this game b...


10 things you might not know about Wilbo

1. I wear hats constantly, i take hats off to bathe or sleep only! Im wearing a hat right now, and all those billion games of l4d i was wearing a hat 2. As soon as it was 2009 i threw a wet tampon onto a wall to see how long it would stay ...


My first silent hill experience

with the little amount of horror games available to a 12 year old boy it wasd a sad time. then there was my trip to see relatives in my original home of Ireland thats when it changed. i went to an old friends house to see him in his room in...


Banjokazooie Nuts & Bolts: The Creative side

First off, anyone who does not own this game must buy it sure its not Banjokazooie platforming from back in the day but this game is worth however much you pay for it and no, its not a racing game. there are parts where your objective is to...


Super left 4 dead Dumpster

More awesome left 4 dead glitches, this time we encountered a floating dumpster which wihtout a doubt was incredible Fusionelder and me thought it would make a good holiday postcard Enjoy!


Genki-Jam thank you post

Thank you to the man who has blessed us with a thousande movies and blessed me with some awesome birthday presents! Some kickass Sabritones, WHICH ARE FUCKING TASTY! and of course the mighty moustached moustache from Ninjatown DS! I ...


ParaParaKing: the man of a thousand.....awesome's!

being the awesome individual Paraparaking is he sent me a little delight in the means of a birthday present and i just got it today(my birthday was last thursday in case you all missed it :() SWEET HATS ON A WILBO! Even the paper he put...


Megaman 9 tip for those of you who missed it

now im not sure if anybody else knew this magma beam trick as far as i know the concrete shot isnt a popular weapon but i love it and discovered helpful tips for the magma man stage now people stand a better chance of beating Pedrovay and s...


EU PSN Update: Megaman 9 and Burnout edition

Thats right it Megaman 9/Burnout week here on the European Playstation store I am truly pleased with this awesome update lets see what there is shall we? BEST WEEK EVER!!! -Njsykora 2008 Games Megaman 9 Full Game £6.99 ...


EU PSN Update: Its all about Rock Band

once again we must go another week without any games for download but whatever here's the update Games NONE Demos Fracture Soul Calibur IV NBA Live 09 Game Packs Loads of rock band stuff and im not typing them all out just go see for you...


EU PSN Update: Friggin day late, delayed game edition

After waiting all of yesterday to do my write there was no update until today! so im still pretty pissed off anyway Games 1942:Joint Strike (Full game) £6.99 what..........we are just getting this game? well,i bought it off of the amer...


EU PSN Update: ....or lack thereof

Thats right...its past 9pm and there is no store update on the very slighty bright side to those of you who own PAIN, next time you go to play it you can get a 329 MB update which includes Painlabs,3 new characters and the Amusement Park ...


EU PSN Update: Sucks Worse Edition

As from the above picture you can tell this update sucks more than me wearing a fake mustache drinking milkshake Games NONE!!!! Demos Pure i will download it cause its about all we got NHL 2K9 i wont get this due to my not being a...


EU PSN Update:Was Late Again Edition

Usually our Updates our noonish well i was kept waiting until 4:10pm so i pissed off but happy at the same time Decent update shall i say Games The Last Guy (Full Game) £4.99 Couldn't find a decent picture (google didnt have 1 straigh...


EU PSN Update:it was a bit late edition

with our updates being around noonish i got kinda.......hmm whats a good word, Pissed off waiting for 5 hours longer but it was worth the wait i can say that this was an overall good update even the game packs are good so lets get too...


EU PSN Update: emergency add on

i have only just notice this but on the 15th of august (friday) after the regular update we had an extra game and demo released Bionic Commando: Rearmed £6.99 so for all of you who thought Sony truly hated us, fear not! for we have all...


PS3 FNF: Goodnight sweet prince (mushman)

We are gathered here this friday to honur a dear man whos fallen ill after so many weeks of hosting friday night fights he will not be with us tonight............okay so he's ill. sue me as perusual we shall start off with a bit of cod...


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