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Just a small concern really..

Doesn't the sudden emergence of this whole avatar fad seem a bit band-waggonish to anyone? I mean the WIi had the Mii's, 360 has Avatars, and now the PS3 is starting to follow suit. Is it really necessary for all users to have an avatar? Is...


Summer Time Doldrums

So Summer's almost over, it's back to the books for most of us. The worst part was that the gaming drought this summer was possibly one of the worst droughts I've ever experienced. I mean the only game that came out worth playing was Shadow...


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Hey Guys,

I'm a pretty avid gamer when I have the time, most genres appeal to me and I'm always down to jump into a multiplayer game. All time favourite game? I'd have to say Fire Emblem for the GBA, can't count how many times I've replayed that gem. Anyways I'm always ready to play a game so drop me a friend request on PSN or LIVE and we'll game the night away!