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The death of Alpha Protocol: Sega's misstep.

Alpha Protocol Sega's 7th generation foray into RPGs knowing the Sega brand only lives on as nostalgia. Sonic growing old, bloated and overused. Phantasy Star unable to compete with WOW like most MMOs. Virtua Fighter losing relevance in a sea of fighting games. Bayonetta's sequel being locked to a doomed console (I actually love the WiiU but let's be honest with one another). The only way I see this company truly returning to the forefront of gamer's minds is through an excellent RPG experience.
 Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Shadowrun Returns, Borderlands, The Elder Scrolls series, and countless other games have experienced success in the RPG realm for years. While some might say the existence of these 'giants' would keep an Alpha Protocol sequel down, I say the opposite. If you compare the original to these you can see where it would shine, cause and effect, Alpha Protocol managed to be a game in which your choices truly effected the outcome of the world. *SPOILERS* In one particular scenario you making someone like you could make that person betray his employer and all you had to do was nurture that relationship. Often times we are given companions and infer that these are our friends and that no other NPC really matters (see Bioware RPGs). Alpha Protocol changes that formula and says every NPC can be your friend and they can all be your enemy depending on how you play. Not how they wrote the story, not how they wrote the NPCs but how YOU play. 

 Of course, many might say the gameplay of Alpha Protocol wasn't enjoyable, but I believe the over all experience was. If we compare an argument given for why Mass Effect 3's ending was fine "it's the journey not the destination" and then look back at Alpha Protocol we see it has the opposite be true while also having a decent Journey. Each ending has different results on the game world, while your actions throughout the game will effect both your journey and your destination. *SPOILERS* Early on you can kill a member of a terrorist organization, but if you chose not to this member of this organization will use his influence to make the terrorist organization help you and can even become a long term ally outside of just becoming some "war asset". That is only one example in which the game world truly reacts to your actions, a game whose physics engine was a bit odd sometimes, but follows at least one of Newton's laws subjectively the most important in an RPG that spouts that it's choices have real consequences. 

 My proposal to Sega is thus, make another Alpha Protocol, maybe under a different name, maybe with another character, keep the real cause and effects of player actions, change gameplay to appeal to a larger audience. Short of that sell the IP off to someone willing to make another game. I'd gladly pay upwards of a few bucks (I'm a broke college student) to own the IP and would actually do something with it whenever I could. I know people who want this franchise back, so if you're reading this reconsider how you feel about Alpha Protocol maybe pick it up on Steam or find it at a local gaming store and give it another playthrough. If you've never played it, go pick it up right now! I'm done ranting now, thanks to anyone who listened (err read).
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