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Do you guys ever get annoyed if one of your posts get irritated when you have an odd number of faps and have to like it yourself so shit balances out? No? Neither do i...


Just thought I'd let you guys know what i look like these days.


Made a song about some of the shit I've been going through. Give it a listen. I made the music and did all of the vocals


Kids: Do drugs, because being sober fucking sucks.


Well that was one hell of a week long bender...


Well I proposed to my gf, she said no and kicked me out of my own home. Fun times.


Hey guys, sorry for more self promotion, gotta hustle ya know? Anyway, I made this song. If y'all could give it a listen that'd be ace. Also if you like it, could you like the song on YouTube, subscribe, and if it's OK share it on social media? It helps.


Hey guys, so I'm making a podcast called pixltalk for the website I write for. The topic of the first ep is about our top five favourite video games. So if I could get a list and some details about them I'll read them out on air!


I dont get why rap is "the cool genre". It's mainly a bunch of word nerds who love jazz and get off on extended metaphors and stupid puns.


Man, why do Assassins Creed Odyssey and Red Dead 2 have to come out so close together?


I pitched some articles to waypoint.vice.com. Wish me luck! I really want to get back into professional games journalism.


Do you think you could check this track out? If you like it, maybe consider liking the video and subscribing to my channel? Also following me on twitter @Aesyr1? Maybe share my stuff on social media? Sorry for advertising, just trying to build an audience


So, uh, I dissed eminem and gave jesus syphilis.


Hey guys, I made an experimental hip hop/metal song. If you like it, please like and subscribe to my channel. Any constructive criticism is appreciated.


The souls series has become less experimental as its progressed. Demons has a boss that kills herself if you kill her bodyguard, one you can't defeat unless you kill an npc who begs for his life, one that levels you down etc. Wish they'd go back to that.


How the hell is the switch lagging in the messenger of all things? We're talking single digits, unplayabley bad in one power gem area. I literally can't cloud step due to the input lag.


More art for my game! I'm going to post more in the comments so I'm not just spamming dtoid.


Sorry to inundate you guys, but here's some more music for my game. If anyone wants to know more about the game feel free to inbox me and I'll give you a run down of the story and some gameplay ideas and stuff!


Fuck the critics, I really enjoyed game over man. I laughed a lot in that movie.


And here's some music I've got, possibly for a title screen. I also made the art for the song.


Hey guys, so I'm in the planning stages of making a Sci fi horror metroidvania. Here's some concept pixel art. I've got some design ideas, and some music made for it that I might post later.


People are getting so angry about battle rules royal modes being popular right now. Trends come and go, but the visceral hatred for genres that gets mainstream appeal remains. Some people just want gaming to remain an exclusive club of dickheads I guess.


I made an original piece called Devastation Luminous. Let me know what you think!


Quick Question, how do I paste text into a blog? I wrote a blog on a notepad on my phone and can't work out how to paste it in.


Made some art for persona 5. Let me know what you think!


So I'm weirdly good at destiny 2s gambit mode? I basically 2v5'd for most of the match and carried the team. Sorry to brag, I've just never been good at a multiplayer game before.


It only took 79 hours, but my titan is looking sick as fuck! BTW if you play Destiny 2 on ps4 feel free to add me. My user name is whatsacow. Or even if you don't and just want more friends on psn. Idc I love you.


Made some doom art. Let me know what you think!


About whatsacowone of us since 2:50 PM on 09.18.2012

Hi I'm Blake, and I love video games. I'm mainly into platformers, rpgs, fps games, and skating simulators - though I'll give anything a chance.

Favourite Games:

Dark Souls
Demons Souls
Hollow Knight
Fallout: New Vegas
Metroid Prime
Guild Wars 2
Super Metroid
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
Castlevania: Rondo of Blood
Phantasy Star IV
Ys: Oath in Felghana
Us Origins
Legend of Zelda Windwaker
Beyond Oasis
The Witcher 2 and 3
God of war 2
Mass Effect series
Dragon Age Origins
Brutal Doom
Doom 64
Stalker: shadow of chernobyl
Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 4
Silent Hill 2-4
Horizon Zero Dawn
Nier Automata
Powerslave (ps1 version)
Legend of Grimrock 2
Final Fantasy IX
Persona 4/5
Metal Gear Solid 3
Skate 3
Tony Hawks pro skater series
Tony Hawk underground
Gothic 2
The Evil Within 2
All the Kirby games
Oddworld Abe's Exoddus
Dying Light
Dragon Quest 8
Devil May Cry 3
Ninja Gaiden (xbox)
Lost Odyssey
Path of Exile
Red Dead Redemption
Serious Sam
Dragons Dogma
and many many more

Favourite Movies:

The Raid
Cabin in the Woods,
Kubo and the Two Strings, Martyrs,
Shaun of the Dead,
Fight Club,
Dr Horribles Sing Along Blog,
Most Tarrantino
Most Wes Anderson

Favourite TV Shows:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
The Good Place
Game of Thrones
Crazy Ex Girlfriend
Frisky Dingo
It's Always Sunny
Black Books
Parks and Rec
Arrested Development
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
30 Rock

Favourite Bands:

Maudlin of the Well,
Diablo Swing Orchestra, Clouddead,
Open Mike Eagle,
Car Seat Headrest,
Porcupine Tree,
Ne Obliviscaris,
Godspeed you black emperor!
Death Grips
Cult of Luna
The Ocean
Kayo Dot
Massive Attack
Dog Fashion Disco
Wolves in the Throne Room, Moonsorrow,

Favourite Books

Name of the Wind
Farseer Trilogy
First Law Trilogy
A song of ice and fire
Shattered Sea trilogy
Gentleman's Bastards series
Liveship Traders
American Gods
Jonathon Strange and Mr Norrel