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I, The Author: Paratroopers Over Iwo Jima

One of my favorite things to do in Battlefield 1943, and in my opinion the only thing planes have proven consistently good for, is quickly getting behind enemy lines, bailing out and parachuting to the flag so you can take it before they realize what the hell is going on. Mind you, this tactic doesn't always work. Occasionally some enemies will spot you and then you're just a floating duck as you gently waft down to them.

Now, I've used this tactic often enough thus far that I can deal with a few grunt soldiers. I just aim carefully and take 'em out before I even touch ground. I'll bet I probably look pretty majestic as I do so. But the worst is when you attract the attention of enemies with vehicles.

So I'm playing Iwo Jima for the fourth time in a row and it's getting a little stale so I switch from my mainstay rifleman class and go scout for awhile. I spawn in on our aircraft carrier and mess around while waiting for a plane, almost managing to snipe a guy on the island. Of course, the moment the first plane arrives, as if on cue, another teammate spawns in and takes it. Great.

Eventually another one appears and I immediately fly to Mount Suribachi and bail out. I look below me and there's a tank about to drive away when it sees me and starts to move closer. I panic and toss all my explosives below me. The tank drives right on top of them and just sits there, patiently waiting for me to land. I can just see the guy at his controller, a haughty smile on his face, thinking he's going to get an easy kill.

I set off the explosives, his tank blows the hell up, and I land on the charred remains of his dignity, laughing. Just as the beautiful American flag is raised and I've captured the point for my team, a message comes in from the guy: "fuk you fukin noob."

Crazier things have happened to me playing 1943, and most of this happened in only like ten seconds, but still remains one of my fondest gaming memories in a while.
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