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I, The Author: A Wake Island Rambo

So many "Battlefield moments." I posted one earlier, but I feel like this trumps that one by, um, a lot.

We'd cornered the Japanese to just one more post on Wake Island--the houses near the airfield--so it became a pretty nasty hotspot. I'd been spending my time messing around with planes to get better at them, but one of the Japs decided to man an anti-air gun so I really had no choice but to bail out right over their last post (which I probably would've done in a minute anyway).

The buildings were already devastated from an air raid earlier, so as I parachuted down, I could see two guys near the flag where a building used to be. I tried to use my grenade launcher on them, but missed and they ran for cover by one of the only buildings left with walls. As I landed, they peppered me with gunfire and I was almost dead, so I fired off another grenade and ran to the other side of the wall.

They both came around the corner with a vengeance, but I fired my last grenade, killing one of them, and thankfully, the game automatically switched me back to my rifle so I could fire a shot into the other guy. Had I not run out of grenades right then, I probably would've been stuck reloading and died.

At this point, I'm pretty pleased with myself. I hop over some rubble to the flag where someone had left a jeep, but there's a sniper by the anti-air gun (probably the same guy who tried to shoot me down), so I crouch behind the jeep and try to take potshots at him, hoping one gets lucky. I must've hit him, because he went for cover, and just as he did, another Japanese soldier started firing at me with his pistol from my right. I assume that he must have just spawned, since that dude came from nowhere.

I turn, still crouching, and fire off my last couple rounds, missing completely because he scared the piss out of me. He pulls out his sword and charges me, and I've got to tell you, they nailed the look of a charging Japanese soldier with his sword out. That is not a fun sight. I panic because I've got to reload, so still crouching, I tap for my bayonet and gut him at the very last second possible.

I breathed a sigh of relief and stood up just as the glorious red, white, and blue made it to the top. I grabbed the jeep and a bunch of allies spawned in, one of them manning the turret for me. I floored it on the way to the sniper from earlier, sitting in the middle of the road like an idiot just before the crest of the hill. He tries to snipe me but keeps missing so I ram his face into my grill like roadkill.

And just as I'm about to celebrate, an enemy tank rolls over the hill. I get halfway through saying, "oh shit" before it blows me to hell.

Probably the best multiplayer encounter I've had in a long time. Totally worth $15 just for that.
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