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50 Games by New Year's 10-15

I’ve given it a bit more thought, and no, demos shouldn’t count. I will, however, still write about them and include them as bonuses because why not. To make up for my unforgivable mistake this set of five is actually a set...


50 Games By New Year's: 1-5

I have a lot of games and I’ve completed criminally few of them; I own a few hundred titles that I’ve never touched. In February 2016 I punctually decided on a New Year’s resolution to try and beat 50 games over the c...


ZeldaQuest: Ocarina of Time

Yes, I am prepared for the accusations of blasphemy, but I don't think that Ocarina of Time is as amazing as everyone says. Yes, the game set the standards. Yes, the game is the game that every Zelda game nods to. And yes, the game deserv...


ZeldaQuest: Link's Awakening

As of this writing, it has been about one hour since I completed Link's Awakening. Since seeing the credits, I have barely moved other than turning to my computer and opening a word document to write this. The page has been blank for an hou...


ZeldaQuest: A Link to the Past

This game is the first Zelda game that I ever beat, so it holds just a bit of nostalgia for me. That said, it's still awesome, and I implore anyone who hasn't beaten it yet to go and do so. In it, the pink-haired Link retrieves the Master S...


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I own and play a lot of games, especially when I have more important things to do. Talking about them comes naturally, hopefully writing does too.

Some of my favorites in no particular order:

Cave Story
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
Resident Evil 4
Paper Mario
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
Metal Gear Rising Revengance