DeS: Review: Fifa 18 World Cup Mode

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So E3 is over, now what?

I think we can all agree that that is how we felt about Nintendo's portion of the show. Only Animal Crossing. What a joke, and what a dissapointment. Nintendo really dropped the ball on their entire audience, only catering to casual gamer...


Good afternoon, world!

It's nice to see everyone's bright smiling face on this fantabulous afternoon. I'm wepmajoe (a name I came up with that no one would have yet would still be pronounceable) and I'm new here. I just came from GT, and I'm so tired of that piec...


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I'm a Wii60 owner, although I barely use my Wii anymore. I've been gaming since I was 5, and I started out on the NES. This was where I was introduced to Mario, Zelda, and several other franchises that I still enjoy today.

I just came from, where for the past year or so, shit hit the fan so often I decided to leave. I'll still go there for their excellent videos, but that's pretty much it now.

I was going to buy a PS3, but after I was able to borrow a friends' PS3 to play MGS4, there really is no great reason. The announcement of FF XIII coming to the 360 has further solidified my decision of remaining on the Wii60 train.

My favorite game, followed extremely closely by it's precursor. FF VI is also an unforgettable trip of awesomeness.