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I wasn't going to post anything due to lockdown not giving a crap about how I look but everyone else is doing it and I'm totally susceptible to peer pressure #selfietoid


This weeks retro pickups, I get the feeling these will be a very mixed bag.


I'm not even 100% what #Cursedmas is, but this NSFW shindig seems like my kind of do. (In the comments)


Hey, Hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving, and thanks one and all for being such a great (mostly not gross!!) community. It's quite difficult to find that online these days!


I recieved this cake from my sister today. Very late as we had the virus months ago, but apparently there was a long wait for it. Anyways the sentiment is one I very much agree with. Hope everyone is doing ok!


Its not next gen, I haven’t decided where it’s permanent home will be and it didnt even come with a scart lead. But is is fully functional and so its a good new console day for me!


I missed Caturday, and was gutted when I found out. Making up for it here is my lovely girl.


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