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Weedgans 2008 Video Game Awards.

2008 has been one hell of a year for gamers. Gears of War 2, Fallout 3, Fable 2, GTAIV, MGS4. This seems to be the ultimate year. Let's get into some of the catagories. Best Visuals on a Console Only Title There has been much talk this...


Uh, DOOM 4 screen shot?

Pure speculation, but I'm pretty interested so far. Short blog is short, sorry. But hey, it's better than fucking music game news all day right? http://e3.net/games/?game_id=37


ET: Quake Wars for 360.

So, I rented a copy of ET: Quake Wars. I was a pretty big fan of RTCW and Wolfenstien Enemy Territory, so it only seemed right that I at least give this PC port a try. All I can say is, what a half assed PC port. First off the graphics a...


This is vegas...WHAT IN THE FUCK? FAIL!

First off, let me say this game is a big fucking joke, okay? Now, some parts of this video I cannot even translate into a written thought, because it's just that fucking stupid. I..can't...I just. Please watch. Its so bad its almost f...


Online console betas, can anyone pull it off right?

So as many of you know, the MGO Beta has been delayed until this firday *worldwide*. I can deal with this, but I think it is complete bullshit that every single online console beta has been botched at its launch. Two titles from last whic...


April Fools Day=National Internet Fail Day.

So we all know what tommrow is, right? April Fools day is my least favorite holiday on the internet. I fucking hate it. And most of all, the C-Blogs will probably so destroyed tommorow that it wont even be funny. I'm all for the jokes a...


Yup, its true. GTA IV World Map, Leaked.

WARNING/ SLIGHTLY SPOILER MATERIAL AHEAD Lurking around some local GTA IV community sites, this little picture came around. Not too detailed, but interesting. New trailer comes out tommrow too. And also this,


April 11th, Judgement Day.

Why is April 11th a important date? Well, on April 11th at midnight, EA's 2 billion dollar offer will have legally expired. EA owning the majority of take two would be the worst thing to happen to videogames EVAR. So one big question ...


This week on cooking with Scorpion!

Some of you might remember this as an unlockable video from The (best damn rewards system evar) Krypt in Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance, it was also an unused promo video for UMK3.


Good Idea, Bad Idea: Forensics in gaming.

So the other day I was playing through Condemned: Criminal Origins for 360, get it if you don't have it, and I realized how much of a genius mechanic Forensics can be in horror type game, or any game for that matter. In the past 6 years ...


So I'm playing Mass Effect, finally.

I'll remember the day that Mass Effect came out, it was sitting right next to a copy of assasins creed [not really folks, they were in teh ABCee's order]. This day will go down in history as the only day my judgement has shit a brick on me...


Good Idea, Bad Idea: Good Idea, Bad Idea.

So, the concept of post that are based of an ongoing trend called, Good Idea, Bad Idea Is it a really good idea? Or is it a really bad idea? I think good things are good, bad things are bad. It's good when people can express there ha...


Turok, what is so bad about it?

So I picked up Turok from my local gamestop on friday. I have not yet beaten it, so far I am at a level with this huge water serpent (Gyrados, lolololol...anyway) and I'm trying to kill his ass. So far, this game has made me realize som...


Burnout Paradise, a owners point of view.

Hello again, all you cblogger's Alright so I picked up the new burnout yesterday. I'm a huge fan of the game. It's one of the only racing games I actually enjoy next to Vigalantte 8 (not racing, but you get it.) So right now I am 6 ra...


Destructoid the album?

So, I kind of had this Idea today. I'm a guitar player, and also an amature audio engineer, I also do a shit lod of MIDI sequnceing and programming in Pro Tools 7 and FL studio 7. Does anyone ever listen to any of the stuff Cult of the de...


Convo's with xbox chat support.

Ask Xbox: Outstanding, you selected Xbox 360. I'm happy to help! Check out these helpful hints before you beginů Hints: Ask one question at a time To see a list of topics, type ? or "TOPICS" For information about an Xbox ...


SF 4, yeah thats cool and all, but where is MK?

All this news about Street Fighter IV is making me crazy. But why? You know, theres not just a person that enjoys all type of fighting games. And rightly so, because most hardcore gamers that play fighting games usually stick to one or ...


Can 08' be as good as 07?

2007 has been an amazing year for games, all around goodness for all consoles. But can 2008 be just as good? We'll just have to wait and see, obviously. The game I'm waiting on from here on out, Fallout 3. If the new dev (this should ...


Is there a lack of respect for Nintendo?

It's pretty clear that Nintendo is winning the console war in terms of units sold. But one thing I've noticed, Nintendo isn't getting the respect it used to get, and lots of long time gamers write the Wii off as just a toy, instead of a con...


When will some worthy XBLA come out?

There has been some cool games on XBLA, Carcossne (spelling is fucted) Alien Homnid Small Arms. Those are all orignal games that are worth the money, I'm also excludeing all puzzle games form this discussion because most good puzzle gam...


The WGA strike, this could change a lot of things.

Ok so one of the main issues the WGA is protesting about is its stance on "new media". New media is basiclly all the shows and content of televison shows you see online liek youtube and such, and WGA people are getting pissed because they ...


So, I bought a 40 gig PS3.

So far, i actaully like it a whole lot. The USB cord charger is annoying but useful at the same time(No battrys saves quite a bit of cash). But what i really bought this system for was, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune ^Best game that has prob...


I have a dream.

I have a dream, that one day we can all rise above the hypnosis that gaming journalism has put all of us into. Just think of how much more could be acomplished if we wouldnt have to worry about mutiple consoles. But today, I have come to ...


Everybodys a critic.

I don't care if you thought Kane & Lynch was shitty, let me find out for myself ok? I don't care if assassins creed was "overhyped let down". Blah, blah, blah...what makes you so smart anyway? The idea of the "video game review" is so ...


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