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Weedgans 2008 Video Game Awards.

2008 has been one hell of a year for gamers. Gears of War 2, Fallout 3, Fable 2, GTAIV, MGS4. This seems to be the ultimate year. Let's get into some of the catagories. Best Visuals on a Console Only Title There has been much talk this...


ET: Quake Wars for 360.

So, I rented a copy of ET: Quake Wars. I was a pretty big fan of RTCW and Wolfenstien Enemy Territory, so it only seemed right that I at least give this PC port a try. All I can say is, what a half assed PC port. First off the graphics a...


April 11th, Judgement Day.

Why is April 11th a important date? Well, on April 11th at midnight, EA's 2 billion dollar offer will have legally expired. EA owning the majority of take two would be the worst thing to happen to videogames EVAR. So one big question ...


About weedganone of us since 11:45 AM on 10.09.2007

This is where i tell you about myself

I play games. lots of games.


X-box 360

N-64...missing the RAM.

PC (2 gig RAM, radeon 9800 pro, 2.6 ghz intel, XP home.)





Games that i don't hate

Earth Worm Jim 1 & 2

Harvest Moon (SNES)

Turok 2

Hogs of War

Road Rash 1, 2 and 3, and 64


Gears of War

Half-Life 2

DOOM (all of them)

Rise of Nations

Sonic CD

Battle Trolls

Zombie Smashers X (look this game up, its river city ransom all over again)

Bad Dudes

Elder Scroll games

Jet Force Gemini

Resident Evil 2

Excite Bike (nes)


Fall Out

Halo 3

Diablo 2

MK Trilogy

Marvel vs Capcom 2




Sonic Adventure

and now i realize this list has gone on to long.....


Metallica (up to 89')



Frank Zappa


Tom Petty & the heartbreakers

way to many to list...but those are the bands i've always listened to.

I'm a pretty decent person. Maybe you'll get to know me.