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I Can't Make Video Games, But I Have Ideas For Them: Finder's Keepers: Source


When I have more ideas, I will post them in hopes someone will steal my idea and make the game/mod

What is up what is up?!

Remember that show, Finder's Keeper from the late 80's on Nickelodeon? Finder's Keepers was the shit. Teams of like some ammount go through really messy rooms to find a single object. Simple but it was fun to watch and vicariously play. Anyway, my idea is really simple...

Finder's Keepers: Source is a Half-Life 2: Episode Two modification based on the Source '07 engine. Teams of two search vigerously through physics based messy rooms to find ONE object. Each team consists of three people. Rooms are abnormally large and have lots of stuff in them. A round will take 3 minutes. Every fourty seconds the goal item will be swapped and the old one will be removed and replaced by a newly spawned item.

Obviously it'll rely on on physics a lot so it may be pretty hardware intensive. But this could be compinsated with lack of visual aesthetic.

I think it could be done fairly easy and has some really fun potential.

I'm no lawman but the name would probably have to be changed to something. I suggest Locator's Obtainors.

And it would have a really cool thing to it where it's set up like the old show. The "rooms" will have one wall missing where you can look out on the set.

Comedically placed NPCs could be sitting on the bleachers.

Make it happen!

P.S.: If you've never heard of the show here is a link to the wiki. Finder's Keepers
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