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Starhawk Offerings (part Three of Three)

Alright, so I've went through infantry and Build and Battle gameplay to a pretty good degree, now here's what I have on the vehicles.

The lightest and fastest vehicle in the game is the Jetbike. Beta testers finally got a taste of it about two months ago, and boy was it fun. Imagine it as the motorcycle (...of the future!) where you can speed past all other ground vehicles and use a jump ability- there's plenty of fun to be had in the Explore or (coming soon) Homeworld mode with this vehicle. For those looking for a very nimble vehicle, there's a Jetbike for that. Drivers will need to watch their surroundings, though- one rocket, grenade, or mine, and you're toast.

The Razorback is the next ground vehicle to cover. It offers more protection from enemies compared to the Jetbike at a slight cost of speed. This vehicle is very tough to roll over compared once again to the Jetbike or even the Jeep in Warhawk. It holds up to three people- the driver, the gunner, and the passenger. The driver gets to have similar controls to most racing games nowadays with the shoulder buttons covering most of the functions. The gunner stands on a turret emplacement in the back to not only protect the vehicle against any enemy that they'll drive by, but they can also shoot down passing by Rift barrels to gain extra Rift. The passenger can shoot out of the car in a limited angle- he won't be able to shoot across the driver, nor will he be able to cover the driver's right blind spot...

I'm going to toss in the Jetpack as a vehicle here. Why? It helps tremendously with maneuverability, and on maps like the Space - small map, it's needed for some of the map's vertical elements. Players jump in the air and then hit R2 to deploy the Jetpack. Boost is activated by hitting X or Circle to go up or down, respectively. Players can also get into a hover mode by holding the L1 button.

The Hawk was obviously the staple for Warhawk, and was probably the biggest point of discussion in the Starhawk beta. So many people wanted Normal Flight from Warhawk back, in which they decided to bring it back under the name Classic Arcade Flight. I've experienced all three flights: Normal, Advanced, and CAF, my preference being Advanced with full control of rolling and pitching. For Air to Air combat, I do find it more enjoyable with a few qualms. Dogfights last longer since Hawk weapons don't deal as much damage. You need to use a LOT of Swarm Laser missiles to take someone down; Homing missiles in the beta were far too slow to be effective in air combat, but in my opinion were far too easy to get air-to-ground kills with (the speed and damage of Homing missiles has been increased in the final release, so I expect my favorite Hawk weapon to be effective in the right area once again;) Air mines are deployed in packs of four, and as they magnetize and attach to planes rather than explode upon impact, they can be shaken off; Flak shells are very strong with limited ammo- it can take about 3 shells to destroy a Hawk with an ammo capacity of 6 shells. The last weapon I got to try was the Torpedo, which was incredibly powerful but fair to go up against- players need to charge the Torpedo before they can deploy it, and it cannot be guided remotely. The weapons/abilities I didn't get to try out were the Cluster bombs, the Cloak, and electromagnetic shields, but I did get a chance to see 'em in play, and they'll be fun to use not only in the air, but on the ground as well, aiding in protecting assets.

Last but not least is the Ox Heavy Tank. It's got a lot of firepower, yet taking the right approach at it will destroy it in a few blows. The tank seats two people as before in Warhawk, but the driver gets a nice addition to the 2-shot Tank Cannon- an Artillery Cannon that is devastating against enemy infantry, ground vehicles, and buildings. It's very slow, and it had a few aiming issues on uneven terrain in the beta, but I expect that to be fixed when the game is released.

All in all, every portion in this game is very effective in its own way; it's up to the player to decide what to use and how to use it. If you want more information on each aspect of the game, check out my clan's Starhawk 101 section at this link: . Until then, I'll see you in the Frontier!
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