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If you just heard a yawn come from outta nowhere, that was from me - I just finished watching the Star Ocean 4 teaser trailer and couldn't help it. As much as I talk shit about Star Ocean, I'm sure I'll still play the game as next-gen RPGs ...


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My name is Tony, I'm 26 and currently run an online, vinyl-only record store with my wife - NerdAlertRecords.com. Before that, I worked at Nintendo for 10 months in the department where 1st and 3rd parties games much pass a rigorous set of tests before they are allowed to be put into production, wrote game reviews over at AceGamez.us.com for about 2 years and graduated from college with a BA in Creative Writing.

I'm kinda in a gaming lull right now, I think I burned myself out by gaming 12 hours a game for 10 months, but I'm hoping Call Of Duty 4 will help that.