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Meditations for the Wise

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Need Some XBL Friends

Dear Destructoid Community, I know you are full of awesome people. Since most of my friends who have Xbox either 1. Do not play their Xbox. 2. Have RROD. 3. Run out of XBL subcription. Would you be kind enough to provide me some XBL ...


A Measure of Worth

There is hardly a greater fervor than the mad frothing at the mouth fanboys will have if their coveted games get lower than expected review scores. Message boards will be full gnashing teeth and long exposes about the great injustices soci...


Nintendo Halloween Goodness

The time has come for another Halloween, and in only a few short weeks we will all be blessed with a new Mario Game! In honor of the mustachioed italian plumber, my wife and I carved the above Toad pumpkin. Also, I was so invigorated w...


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