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Red Ring of Failure, how you torment me!

Alas, my greatest gaming fears have been realized, Destructoid World! Three shiny red lights have struck down my XBOX, my last bastion of solitude, my safe-haven from inter-personal relations and natural (sun) light. Whatever am I to do?! ...


About wallyworldone of us since 12:23 PM on 05.29.2008

Give me sports games, or give me death.

I'm a 25-year-old [freelance] journalist from Cincinnati, Ohio, who happens to be obsessed with sports games. Hockey, soccer, baseball (pro or college), football, it doesn't matter. I tend to prefer playing college sports titles (NCAA Football and College Hoops 2k series), and was greatly disappointed when EA decided not to release MVP: College Baseball 2008. Poor form, EA Sports, poor form.

I've been busy playing MLB2k8 (What other option do I have?!), NHL 2008, and FIFA 2008, recently. I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of NCAA Football 2008.

I will update this in the coming days, boys and girls.