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Welcoming The New Generation

Oh! A new generation of consoles, how exciting!

Seriously, this isn't a sarcastic, cynical “I don't care” post. I am genuinely looking forward this gen as it fully kicks-off now the Xbox One is out, as it's the first one I'll actually be paying attention to from the beginning.

When the 360 and PS3 released they were barely blips on my radar; last generation I was a late adopter, still playing my GameCube up until 2008 before I realised there were consoles other than those made by Nintendo. The same counted for the generation before that.

Nowadays I'm a fervent follower of the goings on in the video game industry as a whole, and new consoles are obviously a big deal. I will be a spectator for the beginning since there are still several PS3 games I've yet to play which will keep me using it well into next year. Also I think it is generally better to wait on getting new releases, be it games or consoles, especially in the current “patch it later” culture in game development.

Now just to be clear, yes, I'm ignoring Nintendo. Although I still love what Nintendo does, though my preference in hardware and games has largely switched to Playstation and PC, I don’t really count them as part of any “console war”. Though of course the Wii U is part of this generation, it's not something that has much of my attention.

Nintendo like to do their own thing, not really directly competing with other companies, which makes them interesting in their own right. But they've had their time in the limelight last year.

This time it's about Sony and Microsoft; a head-to-head rivalry between two juggernauts engaging in a cataclysmic battle, as a couple of Kaiju would in an unfortunate Japanese city.

...Well, no, it won't be that destructive. In reality its just corporations selling plastic filled with electric bits. No Kaiju.

Anyway, Gojira or no, it's still exciting to see what new developments, as well as games, the next few years will bring to the industry.

We managed to convince Microsoft that forced DRM is not what people want in a gaming machine, (or software...or anything ever), but that’s not to say they won't attempt to implement a similar restriction in the future; they obviously think it's a good idea.

Sony has seen sense and built the PS4 with a less complex architecture in a welcome attempt to be more developer-friendly. Hopefully this will mean fewer technical disparities between console versions of games, and I'll be interested to see if that means Bethesda Game Studios will bother optimising their future games for Playstation.

Speaking of hardware, will the flimsy-looking PS4 crumble to dust after a few months? Might the Xbox One suddenly melt in the midst of a particularly vigorous game of Xbox Fitness, which everyone is undoubtedly playing at launch?

In all seriousness, hopefully there won't be a repeat of the hardware faults that plagued last gen's consoles, the 360 in particular. There have been reports of faulty PS4s already, but it's too early to assess how widespread it is. But it wouldn't be unexpected; these days consoles are so complex, with all their Giggleflops and Terracottabytes and many moving parts, that something is bound to break eventually--Case in point: My fat PS3 from 2008 has been repaired twice within three years, whereas all my Nintendo consoles from the last three generations, and my PS2, still work perfectly.

I'm also curious to see if the Kinect ever actually catches on in the mainstream and if it was worth them bundling it into the Xbox One package, or if it turns out to be a waste of everyone's time and money and should be scrapped immediately. Yes, Sony made the Eye thing, but at least that was optional.

Or was it part of some sinister plan?

Are the rumours true that, by installing a diabolical, sentience-endowing patch from MS, the Xbox One and Kinect will fuse together, sprout robotic limbs and attempt to take over your living room?

Almost definitely.


We'll see.

Here's to the new generation!

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