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Contra 4 Co-op!

Everyone...play Contra 4 co-op!

This was my first multiplayer experience on the DS. While I love the system it's pretty much been relegated to shitter detail where multiplayer opportunities do not exist. Except in the bus station bathroom, but that's a discussion best left for my therapist and not you guys on Christmas day.

The Contra series has always been near and dear to my heart. The NES was the 3rd system I regularly played games on (not counting arcade games) so I like to think my judgement has not been totally clouded by blind nostalgia.

The multiplayer mode is everything that was great about the original Contra, and then some. The DS also kicks ass for multiplayer, which is something I only recently got into with TF2, followed by Counterstrike. I feel like a fool for waiting so long.

Play it, if any of you consider yourself truly hardcore. That's right - I just called you bitches out. I'm so hardcore I'll be playing this game while watching Rambo 4 as I not only beat the game, but identify every plot hole and weapon used in the flick at the same time.

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