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Nostalgia: When It Makes You Buy Sh*t


Today in the morning I was flipping through TV and I passed by Pokemon on Cartoon Network. The first thought going through my head was that they totally made the show weak sauce, but that's besides anything that this blog is about. The show also reminded me of my youth. I remembered a lot, including the way I got my parents to buy me a Game Boy Color.

I don't remember how old I was. I was probably 10 or 11. My friends all had their Game Boys with copies of Blue or Red version. During recess while we were waiting for our turn on Kick Ball they'd have battles or trade. And I can't forget the times where the teacher was absent and we had a sub. Those days everyone who had a Game Boy would just sit in the back of the class and just play.

So I remember after about the fourth week of being the kid without the game, I asked my mother for one. She immediately said no. It wasn't my birthday and it wasn't Christmas. I remember just begging all day. Asking my dad didn't help so I decided I'd work to getting it. I didn't realize that my perseverance was something that could be considered cute. I asked my mom if I could wash her car for money. She looked at me strange and gave me no answer.

I walked into the garage and found all the things my dad used to wash his truck and walked outside. My mom saw me walk out. She called me and told me to come inside. I walked outside and saw both my mom and dad sitting in the living room. She told me that I didn't need to wash the cars. She said that she'd take me the next day to the store and get me one.

She kept her promise. The next day we walked into a Costco and bought a bundle. It was the teal Game Boy Color, a copy of Pokemon Yellow version, some accessories, and a strategy guide. I played with that thing all day. The following week at school I was showing all my friends that had the older versions how cool mine was. I mean, Pikachu walked around with you! It was like playing through the cartoon show. I had all three starter Pokemon. I remember all of this crap.

That old memory had me thinking about buying a Game Boy Color. My old one was sent to Mexico as a gift to my less fortunate relatives when I got my Game Boy Advance. That was my mother's worst decision. Yes, I'm a selfish cunt. So now I'm about $30 poorer and I'll be getting my Game Boy Color and a copy of Yellow version in the mail.

I know I'm not going to regret this purchase like I did with something else. I'm keeping this forever.
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