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Modding and How I Suck At It

Now first I must explain some things. I wasn't doing anything really complicated. I was going to do a bit of cosmetic modding to my PSP. I ordered a clear faceplate for my PSP from colordrives.com. It was around $10 including the shipping. I thought I was set.

Well, the piece arrived today and I was pretty damn excited. I grabbed my PSP and went through the package. It was nothing special. Just a piece of clear plastic. No receipt, and no instructions were included. I had to jump into the internet for my instructions. I thought, "Youtube." I ended getting some pretty good video instructions. Granted, doing this is probably the easiest modification around, but still. Remember my title?

I digested the video and figured out how to get everything done. It was just 5 screws that needed to be removed, and the buttons had to be swapped from one faceplate to the other. Simple, yeah? Well, not when you don't have the proper screwdriver. I needed a really, really small screwdriver.

Of course, me being the dumb ass that I am, tried using a slightly larger screwdriver. I was able to pull the screw under the PSP and two white ones where the battery is at. I wasn't able to pull out the ones behind the PSP. Not only was I not able to pull them out, but I also damaged the screws in the process. At that point I just said screw it (eh, eh, eh?) and drove over to the store and picked up a bunch of small screwdrivers.

After a bit of hard work, I was finally able to get them out with one of the screwdrivers I had bought. I pulled out those last two bastard screws and gently pulled off the black shitty looking faceplate from the PSP. I removed the buttons, the d-pad, and the nub and put them into my new faceplate.

The PSP faceplate looked shitty because it had a lot of scratches. Not because it was Black. I'm not Necros.

This last part was the easiest. I just slid the faceplate back on and put the screws back on, and these were the results:

It looks pretty damn cool, in my opinion. Now I can see my games without being annoyed by the scratches. I'm crazy about that stuff. I can notice scratches you can't and it ruins my experience. Yes, I'm insane.


No bannings this time, k?

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