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Halo 3 Friday Night Fights: We're Not In Cancun Edition


The time has come where we all gather and play our video games on Friday. More specifically, the time has come for us to play Halo on Friday. And chances are, those who are playing tonight aren't in Mexico snorting cocaine off native women's butt-cracks. However, we can make our fun almost as great as those that are in Mexico. All we need is a shit-ton of alcohol, porn, video games, and an open mind. Whose down?

OK, so this week's Halo 3 FNF probably wont be as cool as last week's. Expect there to be less people. Hamsa and TheGoldendonut will be absent, and will be missed. But enough about them! They're having more fun than you tonight! Let's go on about us. Let's get ready pray and spray our way to victory!

Tonight's Halo slaughter-fest will contain all the usual stuff a long with a few new additions as I try out fresh maps. I won't promise any hits, so don't get too excited. Also, I may be a bit drunk tonight. I've got a restocked alcohol cabinet and what better way to celebrate than to get drunk with my dotcomrades?

Don't answer that. It's a rhetorical question. I know there are many other methods of celebration. Assholes.

I'll kick things off at around 7 PM PST and 10 PM EST. I have an errand to run really fast before I start so starting an hour before like I usually do will be impossible. Be there at the time I said.

If you have any map suggestions please ask for host during the night as it is too late for me to go out and download them. I'm leaving right after I finish writing this post. I'll be back at around 7:40 PST so any friend requests should be sent beforehand. That way I won't be struggling to accept and invite people during matches. That doesn't mean I wont, but it's a lot more convenient for me.

To all newcomers: If Halo isn't or you just don't own an XBOX 360, look out for other Friday Night Fights (FNF) posts. If Halo is your game than feel free to PM me with anymore questions. Join up. Friday Night Fights is amazing.

Halo FNF is currently FUCKED...

My XBOX has decided it doesn't like Halo. The disc cannot be read by my XBOX. This doesn't mean FNF is over. If you guys want to continue on playing, organize, but there's nothing I can do. Sorry. Blame Microsoft.
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