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Halo 3 FNF Contest Winner!


So yesterday was my return and I couldn't believe how big of a failure it turned out to be. I can't tell if I'm loosing interest in the game or if it's just the fact that the amount of people who show up aren't even worth hosting. Halo is a really social game and I don't see much of that. I mean, don't get me wrong. There are still the core group of gamers that I have really good times with. Something just happened between now and the time my 360 was taken from me.

I'll keep playing as long as the few people keep playing.

I was originally going to write a recap, but I figure there's no reason for me to do so. All I'm going to say is that the room was never filled nor was it ever filled with voices. It was a slow night.

And now we move away from this depressing shit!

The winner of the first (I think) Halo 3 FNF contest is.....


Congrats, man. I'll send you a PM later tonight with some more information.
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