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Flyclops: The Game--How Deep Does the Rabbit Hole Go?

We all know and love our physics breaking friend: Flyclops (see below)

Right, I was looking on my nearest internet when I queried "I wonder if there is a flyclops.com for all my flyclops needs?" So i put it in my internet and hit the enter button.

BOOM!!! I get redirected to ROCKSTAR SANDIEGO (and a bitchin' Midnight Club 3 splash page). Try for yourself: http://www.flyclops.com

Then I prepare for more matlockery and whois flyclops.com (RESULT)
"Creation date: 2002-09-20"? Oh my rod! Rockstar created flyclops (see below) 6 years ago?

So how deep does this rabbit hole actually go? Is this recent internet creation a genius Rockstar viral campaigning scheme or an awesome Rockstar viral campaign? You tell me.

Flyclops: The Vidya Game (CONFIRMED) 11/10 [has sound(CONFIRMED)]
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