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The Life And Tribulations Of A Gaming Event Organiser.........

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Why Belkin sucks

Yes I know I should have took the time to make sure it was XBL compatible before purchasing, but since buying this POS router I have opened ports, tried messing with NAT settings, everything, and it keeps f'in up my XBL. Logs me out, disco...


Lookin for UK based Dtoiders

Ive been living abroad for the past few years and only moved back to the UK a few months back. Just trying to network with a few Dtoid regulars who are based in the UK. People who know whats goin on in the gaming world over here, people who...


OMFG Smash TV where you been?

Well I have to be honest, I have become so wrapped up in next-gen 360 games as of late that this beast slipped my mind. I used to play this ALL the time when I was younger!! I came across it in XBLA the other day and I have to say it was a ...


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