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Why the 360 is the worst product to EVER be sold to mankind.....

Because Its a freaking worthless piece of engineering crap - now I have your attention, please come in and read the full thing, I need confirmation that im not just going mad here.....

I was unfortunate in the fact that I did not get my first xbox on release day, I did however get it very shortly after, so considering this fact I have owned a 360 since November 05.

Now do not get me wrong. Xbox Live is the best online console service around in my opinion and the games that are produced for the 360 include some of the best titles I have ever played. I do not have an issue with these after market products. I have an issue with the fact that Microsoft seem to get away with pumpin out untold amounts of consoles that do not operate properly.

Since my first console, I have had red lights, overheating, power block problems, Hard drive issue, Av issues, you name it, ive seen it. I have waited the long 4 weeks or so it REALLY takes to send in a console for repair on numerous occassions, going through a total of 4 regular xbox 360's in about 18 months. I finally decided that enough was enough, surely with the launch of the flash new xbox 360 elite, MS would have corrected all these issues, and finally got a product together that would last for a while.

Well suprise suprise, I was wrong. I have owned my Elite for approximately 6 months now, and for the past few days the disk drive has been making alot of noise when I insert a game. Tonight it finally decided to stop reading disks altogether. Laugh Out Loud. Sorry I didnt think a simple LoL would do it. This is an absolute disgrace. I do not care what excuse anyone makes, there is absolutely no reason why a product that costs so much money does not work properly. My boxes have lasted an average of about 5 months each. I have never in all my life seen another product that costs so much money, turn out to be such a poorly manufactured item.

While MS claims that the return rate was 'well below the average return rate for sonsumer electronics' something around 3-5% why is it that numerous sources are saying otherwise? Retailers have reported a return rate of somewhere over 30%, while a little bit of clever digging and some basic mathmatics by GamePolitics.com shows that it could be somewhere nearer 40%. Who knows, it could be higher. I personally know of many people who have had issues.

Thing is, regardless of how they try to brush it off as 'normal' or claim that there isnt an issue the facts clearly prove otherwise. They have extended their warranty period to cover all consoles sold before a certain date. By doing so they might as well have stood up and said 'hey, you caught us. We sold crap.' I use the term sold simply because thats what they have admitted, but it seems that they have sold junk and continue to sell junk. This time its just newly boxed, fresh sleek black cased junk with a higher price tag.

Regardless of whether you want to claim this all to be 'Bad Luck', or try to put it down to some kind of conspiracy theory, one blatant piece of evidence does not lie, and it sits here right under my nose. Ive had my original playstation for more than 10 years. I can still put a game in and play it anytime I want, no problems. MS is a software company, Sony is a hardware company, fair enough, but the comparison in quality of product is unthinkable.

Thing is, MS will continue to claim that this is a minority case. It doesnt happen very often, but thats not true at all. This is happenening to lots of people all over the world. I can somewhat understand the repair policy, but surely after a few times, they should finally admit they have a bad product and offer customers refunds.

I talked with the management at xbox customer support tonight, and all he could continually say is, we will repair it. I mean he will sit there and admit that he agrees with what Im saying, and that he wouldnt like it either, but yet he is forced to give parrot answers from scripted responses shoved down his throat by some big wig in an office who could care less about us less fortunate people in life. As long as all our hard earned dollars are paying for his new ferrari, and that nice mansion he drives home to every night, whats it to him?

To be honest Im disgusted that I have been treated this way by a company who I have spent so much money with. I have spent thousands and thousands on xbox's, games, etc. I deserve a bit of respect, and after the 5th time of having to put up with this, I deserve a refund. Im at the point where I dont want another box that will die on me in a few months, I just want my money back.

If you are one of these people who have had one box since day one, then you are lucky, and I wish I was you. No i am not locking my box in an enclosed space, no Im not making them overheat. Yes, it gets used on a daily basis alot of the time, but Im not online for any 12 hour periods or anything.

Also, if you are interested in reading a bit about this issue, I found a few supporting articles, just in case someone thinks im going nuts over nothing.

Read about the guy whos gone through 7 xbox's here


Or perhaps take a look at some clever maths that shows perhaps MS has a reason not to reveal exact failure numbers for fear of embarrasment


How about an article stating that MS's 3-5% ratio seems to be way off from what retailers are reporting


Maybe you would just like to read about another unfortunate gamer who has experienced something similar to myself


Even employees of major publishers are disagreeing with what MS has released


The stories are endless, I could post links to topics all day. Important and respected journalists all agreeing with the fact that MS have released a shabby product that does not operate the way it should.

I feel cheated to be honest. Agree or disagree with some of the things I may have said, but nobody can deny that this should not be tolerated by consumer protection organizations.

Well what can you say? The rich get richer, while the poor get to wait 4 weeks for another product that will probably last no more than 6 months before having to be replaced again.
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