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CoD4 PAL disk region free?

I need some help here.

I have been living in the US for the past few years and I brought my elite back with me when I came back to the UK.

I am waiting on my copy of CoD4 collectors edition to be shipped from the US, but I dont want to wait for it. The release date for CoD4 here is tomorrow, so I want to go pick up a copy and get some games in ASAP.

I am a little stuck on the whole 'region free' thing though. I called my local store today and was told that while the USA and Asian versions of CoD are region free, the PAL version is not?!?!?! I dont understand why they would give me this information as it would just lose them a sale, unless it was true/correct.

I dont understand why one particular region would not be region free, and I though most Activision titles were region free. When trying to purchase an advertised 'region free' copy of cod4 on ebay tonight, the seller kindly informed me that I could save on the shipping an purchase a PAL copy at my local store because his copys were all PAL and were also region free.

Im stuck. I am being given contradicting information by two different sources, if worse comes to worse I can always just buy it, try it, and return it if it doesnt work.

I was just wondering if anyone can clear this up with some DEFINATE info, that they KNOW is factual. LoL.

Thanks is advance
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