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I, the author : The Starcraft Phantom

I wrote this for last month's musing, but never got around to finish editing it or getting the pictures right, but here it is anyway, I thought it was interesting. It is a discussion and retelling of an emergent narrative that unfolded at a...


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I'm 18 year-old student at the University of Pittsburgh. I'm very interested in game design, but seeing as how my school only doesn't have that, I'm studying film for the time being. I've been playing games since I was very young, my earliest gaming memory was Mega Man X. I remember getting the N64 on launch day and I've been playing to excess ever since. I've only really cooled down recently since I gave up WoW . (I botted for a long time for money, but then I got addicted to my own product.)

Now, I play mostly PC games, I have a 360, a Wii, a dreamcast, and a PS2. My favorite games of all time are, Gravitation, Braid, Half-Life 2, (passage was pretty good I guess) I play CoD4, TF2, and L4D when I want to relax, but I typically prefer something with a deeper narrative. I hope one day to make my own game that can be appreciated as something more than mindless entertainment, but for now I spend most of my time watching Indie and old movies on netflix and playing indie games when one catches my attention.