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"Counterpoint: Final fantasy XIII" reponse

Reponse to this article. Every animation, every texture, every environmental design -- it is all absolutely breathtaking I couldn't disagree more with most of the points you make. I have no idea how you can say this, the 3 specific things...


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Guess what? I play a lot of games. My favourites are final fantasy, metal gear solid and grand theft auto series. I mainly play single player games to be immersed in an interesting world, and thus I really hate dark games where you spend most of the time alone (e.g. dead space, batman) rather than interacting with other people. I like sci-fi over fantasy, variety in gameplay (), a world of adventure. My favourite games this generation specifically are GTA IV, Heavy Rain, MGS4, Fallout 3, Final Fantasy XIII (though I hate it more than any other game too!), Mass Effect and Lost Odyssey.

I love deep, immersive, meaningful games like these and thus I have strong disagreements with most people about what makes a good game as they just want to have fun. If I wanted fun gameplay I'd play sports games or multiplayer. I think GTA IV has the greatest writing, I've spent probably 15 hours just browsing the net and watching the tv in it, the parodies are amazing and no other game is doing anything like it in terms of humor and social commentary.

FFXIII was my most anticipated game ever by far, and most disappointing. I've played it twice now, written over 35,000 words of notes (mostly complaints) on it to plan for a comprehensive video review which I've so far spent hundreds of hours on but will probably never make as I've taken a much needed break and moved on to other games.