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How A Gamer Plans To Ring In The New Year.

So, as pretty much everybody knows, as of Friday, it'll be 2010. And, like most people do, I have a set of resolutions I'd like to accomplish before the end of the new year. However, UNLIKE most people (Well, if you don't include you guys), I have two seperate lists- My general life resolutions (Typical, boring things that need not be listed), and gaming resolutions. So, inspired both in part by Kraid's blog post, and the bonus question Fronz asked, I figured I'd share them with you.

(Also, just in case the title was misleadingesque- I'm "ringing in the New Year" via friends, A LOT of booze, and Rock Band. Because nothing says "Happy New Year" like getting drunk and singing Gay Bar at the top of your lungs, am I right? Aaaaanywho...)

1) Start giving more love to non-rhythm games.

Okay...so, you may not have noticed yet, but I am a HUUUUUUGE fan of rhythm gaming. Honestly, aside from Xzyliac and (possibly) Nick Chester, I may be the biggest rhythm gaming whore on Dtoid. For me, nothing is better than being able to play along to awesome music and get the illusion of being a rockstar. However, that comes at the cost of me ignoring other games most of the time just so I can see if I can turn that five stars on drums into golden ones. I aim to change that. Sure, I'm not gonna STOP playing rhythm games...I could never do that. Hell, I might not even play them less. My goal, is to play OTHER games MORE. Put down the guitar, and pick up an actual controller. I can honestly say that I'm using a peripheral more often then a traditional controller during most of my gaming time. Hopefully by the end of the new year, that'll be different. Because it's the only way I'll ever be able to accomplish the next one...

2) Get some more classics under my belt.

I've been playing video games for sixteen years. You'd think that would mean I've played a lot of the greats, the truly classic games that go down in history, right? Well, you'd be kinda wrong on that. Yeah, I've played a lot of great games, but there's still sooooo many more out there I've yet to beat, or in some cases, even played at all. Games like Earthbound, Super Metroid, Contra, Super Mario RPG, Chrono Trigger, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark...the embarassing list goes on...and on...and on. Honestly, I find it hard to call myself a gamer when I've missed out on so many of the greatest games out there. So, starting with Earthbound, I plan to play and beat as many of these classics as I possibly can so I can finally join in on looking back and reminiscing happily about all these great games. Oh, and if this resolution wasn't a gigantic blow to my gamer cred, this one'll put me down for the count.

3) Actually beat a Final Fantasy game.

Yeah, you read that right. I have never beat a main-line Final Fantasy game. I'm not counting spinoffs in this because I HAVE beaten Mystic Quest (Unfortunately...) and Crisis Core (Which was fun, but still a spinoff). I -have- tried to, mind you. I've had many an experience with this franchise...

FF1- *Five minutes into the game, I run into a goblin thingy* "Well, might as well kill it." *One goblin successfully takes out my entire party easily* "...Wat." (Never plays it again)
FF7- *Gets to the train tunnel section, gets lost and confused as to what to do next* "...Fuck this, I'm gonna go play Guitar Hero." (Gives the game away as a birthday present, never plays it again)
FF8- *Plays on someone else's record and gets out of the first city* "Wow, this is fun! I can't wait to play this next time I come over!" *Friend moves away ".... T_T" (Never got to play it again)
FF9- *Started to play it on my PSP* "Woah, I might have actually found a Final Fantasy game I'll see through to the end." *PSP gets stolen while I'm in Baltimore for Otakon* "....FUCK MY LIFE!!!!" (Never got a chance to play it again)
FF10- *Rented it way back when it first came out, but had no memory card to save and decided to trudge as far as possible, not knowing about the whole 'die and you start where you last saved' thing* "This game's fun! I'm so glad I rented this instead of Crash Bandicoot!" *Gets to some plant boss at the top of a giant flight of stairs, dies, has to start over* "....Whaaaaaat ;.;" (Never played again)
FF12- *Got to some mines before ultimately giving up due to boredom* "Yeeeeeah...to hell with this. I'ma play MGS3." (Trades it in, never played again)

So yeah, I've TRIED to play Final Fantasy, it just never worked out. Hence why I'm going to make damn sure I beat one sometime soonish. I'm still not sure which though- do I go for FFIV? FFVI? Try one of the above again? Who knows? Maybe you guys could help me out on that.

4) Give my Dreamcast some more love.

I have a Dreamcast. I love it. Though, you could never tell. You know why? Because I haven't played it in four months. Hell, it's not even at the house I live in right now. It's sitting in my mom's garage. Why the hell is that? I need to stop ignoring one of the best consoles ever made and give it the love and attention it truly deserves. The first step, is to get some games that aren't fighters. As it stands, the only games I have for my Dreamcast are an import copy of 3rd Strike, an import copy of SNK Vs. Capcom 2, a burned copy of Project Justice, and a burned copy of MvC2. Now, aside from Garou, Power Stone, and (Arguably) Soul Calibur, I pretty much have every good fighter on the system...so my next step is obviously to get some other games right? Right. So, there's another question you guys might be able to help me out on- what great Dreamcast games should I get now? I know there's gotta be a ton of great games buried beneath the rubble of Sega's missteps. And I need to play them.

5) Beat Okami.

Yes, you read that right Shiranui, I've never beaten Okami. I tried to, I really did. I was enjoying every minute of it, and it was truly on par with all the praise it had gotten. But unfortunately it was one of the many victims of a house fire that broke out and ruined a vast majority of my gaming collection many years ago. I simply haven't touched it since. Therefore, if I can get a copy and borrow/purchase/steal a PS2 from somewhere, I will sit down and beat that game. And probably Shadow of The Colossus too, now that I think about it.

6) FINALLY play the Shin Megami Tensei series.

I've always loved the idea of the SMT games. The overarching plot, the unique style behind it, and the generally dark tone of it all has always intrigued me. But, aside from beta-testing the SMT MMO, I have zero experience with the series, and that's a damn shame. Whether it's Persona 3, Persona 4, Nocturne, Digital Devil Saga, I don't care what, I want to play an SMT game sometime before the end of the new year. All that's stopping me currently is that I don't have a PS2. And as cheap as they are now, I'd say a PS2 is worth buying for this series, from what I've seen/heard.

So, there you have it, my gaming goals for the new year. What say you Dtoiders? Are my goals dumb? Am I completely retarded for not having already completed these things? What Final Fantasy game should I go for? What Dreamcast games should I look into? Help me out! And also, have a safe and happy new year's everyone! NO DRINKING AND DRIVING. You're no good to us dead/maimed/paralyzed, remember that.
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