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The Tragic Tale of Sarah Kerrigan

Though video games have matured over the past decade, the brilliance of Starcraft cannot be discounted. As a vehicle for story telling, Starcraft brought a new level of maturity to a sea of PC gamers. The multiplayer aspect of Starcraft has...


Five Great Games You Should Have Played

I love video games. I think it's safe to say anyone on Destructoid shares this passion. Hopefully this short list of five games I consider great will inspire you to try something new, remind you of a joy you once experienced, or at the very...


Lost in the land of Hyrule

Last night I was all alone, A boy asleep in his bed, Now I find myself entwined, In something over my head. Strange creatures assault me at every turn, The princess to me is calling, I grasp my sword in sweet defiance, To keep this wo...


An underappreciated aspect of Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is a game that is both hailed by critics as being an inventive, enjoyable title that pushed the boundaries of what games could do through its interactivity and player influence and looked down upon for limiting player choice and...


The Legend of Zelda in my life

Disclaimer: This is a repost of a blog I posted on my other account Krow. I'm sorry if that offends anyone, I just wanted it to be moved to my primary account. Now excuse me while I dither on for a bit and share with you a story about The L...


The Warriors of Light and the Archfiends

The original Final Fantasy game is not known for its incredible depth or deep gameplay. It helped to jump start the popularity of the RPG genre in North America and Europe with it's battle system and epic quest. Being born in 1992, I didn't...


An Interview/Review of The Tick (SNES) by The Tick

The Tick: My God, look at this sexy hunk of a man. Go ahead, Iíll let it sink in for a minute. Observe the way the spandex wraps around my firm butt, my chiseled pecks, and my iron hard ABS. Yes, any super model with her salt would be luc...


Dans Memorium d'Alex vexť

La fuerza misteriosa matů a camarada Vexed_Alex conocida como corona con la sal de la cal. Despuťs de apenas dos sorbos de la bebida, perdieron a Alex en un deslumbramiento. Con un muy repentino, " Mierda de Woah, " escuchamos mientras qu...


My Video Game Collection (Part Two)

Double posting is bad, but I don't think anyone will mind considering that this is going up shortly after the Cblog Recaps. I wasn't going to do this tonight but insomnia gripped me and the only thing I could think to cure it with was stack...


My Video Game Collection (Part One)

It's not until you setup your games in neat stacks and take the time to photograph them that you realize how many you have truly purchased over the past decade. Sadly, I only have games dating as far back as the Playstation and Nintendo 64 ...


Mega Man 8 Remake's 8-Bit Music and a Small Rant

Mega Man 8: 8-Bit Music I was born in the early ninties, which means I'm still young and have all of the vitality and strength that some of you try to recreate in your beards. It isn't working. Being a young gamer means that I only had a...


Dear Community, No Pictures Here :O

There aren't any pictures here because my Google is borked. At least, thatís the excuse Iím using, because I wanted this blog to be about text not pretty pictures. If you read on, be forewarned that this blog is of epic proportions. Iíve a ...


Mega Man 9: Original Sound Track

Here's an original soundtrack to Mega Man 9, with a bonus thrown in. All of these can be downloaded from http://www.rockmanpm.com/?p=music/rockman9original, all I did was change the main artist to Capcom so that the songs would group toge...


The Music of Castle Crashers: All in one place

Fan made cover art, not by me. I was browsing the C-Blogs when I found this. The finding of a blog post which linked me to a website that linked me to the music of Castle Crashers was amazing! I also found the whole mess of downloading ea...


Young Gamers Impressions of Mega Man 2

I'm a young gamer, age fifteen. The first Mega Man game I ever played was the ill-fated Mega Man 8. All I remember were the stages that kicked my eight year old ass, the ones involving the poorly done jump/slide while you careen down a tunn...


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