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Don't Buy Valkyria Chronicles

BECAUSE I JUST BOUGHT IT FOR YOU.* In the words of Deckard Cain, "stay a while and listen" as I relate an hours-old tale of blatant injustice, blinding rage, and buyer's remorse. Flush with cash from a medical test (seriously) and needi...


RE5 Could Have Aimed Higher. Too Bad It Didn't.

I've said before that the crew at Crispy Gamer are probably the most dissatisfied game writers in the world. The silver lining is that they try their hardest to elevate the discourse to a higher level, something that needs to be done if ...


Expanded Universes: A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Has there ever been a fictional universe more expanded than the universe that actually coined the term "Expanded Universe"? Oh, yeah, I'm talking about Star Wars. It is perhaps a testament to George Lucas' original vision that the univer...


Here's Where I Finally Talk About Persona 4

There is much that I've said about Persona 3, that much is true. However, I noticed that I have yet to speak my thoughts on Persona 4. Progress report: I'm roughly 37 hours in, and given that I'm savoring every picosecond, I've yet to ente...


You Bastards. Also FFFFFUUUUU-

You didn't buy Valkyria Chronicles. Apparently, neither did Jeff Gerstmann and his crew over at Giant Bomb. They felt guilty about it, and so Brad Shoemaker and Dave Snider created a "Quick Look" video to give you a glance on what you've...


The Colorless Mask: Insight or Insult?

The always-intellectual Leigh Alexander of Sexy Videogame Land and Gamasutra put up a great feature on Kotaku the other day entitled "Persona 4: Reflecting The Self". It contained some deep thoughts about Persona 4, and you know I likes m...


New Yakuza 3 Screens. Also FFFFFFUUUUUUU

Now that the Sega COO has warned that that sequelization may be a coping mechanism with the recession, does that mean we're getting the sequel to Yakuza 2, which I will now post screenshots of? What happens if it's a sequel that sells rou...


"???" ATLUS Teasing New MegaTen Game?!

For various reasons, Atlus is rapidly becoming my favorite publisher, not only because they have some charming, excellent games in their stable, but because they know their fans and customers very, VERY well. Imagine my excitement, then, w...


Watch The Killzone 2 Intro. Also (Brian) Cox.

Nice Europeans went and recorded the intro movie and the first in-game cutscene to Killzone 2. If you've got six minutes, it's pretty good. Just don't use it to check against the E3 target render. Best you wait for it on your TV or the inev...


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