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Start of an Affair- Super Mario Land

For this month's community themed blog, I am going all the way back. Back before colored handhelds, before pocket sizes portables, to the days of the original Game Boy. Before a lengthy family vacation, my parents bought me and my brother...


The Yeti Review: Hitman the Movie

So I am taking a break from my usual stuff to tell you about something magical: a video game movie that is awesome. Now, we can almost all agree that video game flicks suck. They are almost always made by big movie industries for some qu...


Game Closet II: Sonic Taught Me Financial Planning

Wow. Over three months since my last post. Well, grad school will do that to ya. Steal all your time and money. Well I managed to find some time and it is now time for part II of my (largely unnoticed) journey through all my game systems. T...


Game Closet Chapter I: Daisy! NOOOOOO!!

I am, at heart, a total old school gamer. I love the old stuff. I was first weened on Game Boy and Game Gear before moving on to the meatier SNES, PSX, N64, and so on so forth. But I do not forget where I came from! Recently, I hit the go...


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