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Don't Blame The Genre, Blame The Game: Why JRPGs Don't Intrinsically Suck

Today Anthony Burch highlighted an indie game, The Linear RPG to illustrate, basically speaking, why the JRPG subgenre totally sucks.

I found the argument profoundly similar to the one voiced in an issue of The Escapist, entitled "The Battleship Final Fantasy, written by Ray Huling. Many of my points are actually drawn from my reaction to that article, though I will attempt to distill them further here, the better to apply them to JRPGs in general, and to addressing several specific comments made by Anthony in his article and in the comment thread below it. Please read this at your own discretion.

I argue that JRPGs have a specific appeal, and that The Linear RPG represents a gross misinterpretation of such. JRPGs may be flawed, in need of diversity in both formula and substance, but they deserve to exist, and shouldn't be treated as obsolete antiques, long passed by. Peoples' love of JRPGs is not misplaced and born of a weird, inane refusal to acknowledge fact. JRPGs have a place in this world.

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