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About ultimateshoopsone of us since 6:22 PM on 10.30.2008

Classic gaming is definately a favourite for me, as I grew up playing Super Nintendo through to Wii, PS1, PS2, GameBoy, GBA, DS. Certain games keep me coming back for more I find. Oh and enjoy game music too.
Jet Set Radio, Castlevania series, Katamari, Gitaroo Man, Rez, Vib Ribbon, DTXmania, many fighting games, RIDGEEE RACEERRR!!!!, most if not all 2D Sonic and Mario games, Pokemon series, many snes and mega drive games, Ryhthm Tengoku. Games with a lot of bold original design and great gameplay tend to be my favourite, prime example, Bubble Bobble.

These days I play the Wii and 360, I find myself playing XBLA games most of the time so if you ever want to play online, bring it on.
Marvel VS Capcom 2, Outrun, Sonic series, Earthworm Jim, Worms 2, Plants VS Zombies, Mr.Driller.
Among others, Left 4 Dead, SSFIV, Mario Kart Wii, Brawl, Tatsunoko V Capcom.

Looking forward to many titles this year, especially Deadly Premonition which is FINALLY coming to Europe!! New Castlevania and Splatterhouse will be interesting, as for Sonic 4 and Colours, probably gonna love 'em! Epic Kirby, DKC Returns....

As for next year, the real good stuff is coming, Marvel V Capcom 3, and Pokemon Black n White... I want them now Goddamnit!! Oh and the 3DS how could I FORGET!!

Other than Video games, I like doing animation, sketches and VJing.